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Juris Riekstins has a Master degree in Business administration. He is having 15+ years of experience in business plan development, project proposal development, financial consulting, and project management. 

Juris Riekstins has worked as project manager in various local and international projects funded by EU and other international financial institutions. 

J.Riekstins has prepared the methodology for the assessment of small-scale business plans of new entrepreneurs applying for the start-up capital (seed capital grant) within the State Employment Agency of Latvia. Since 2013 we have assessed more than 800 business plans. In addition J.Riekstins has provided mentoring and business consultations to more than 200 business start-ups, and monitored implementation of their business plans during first two years.

J.Riekstins is lecturing and running workshops on different aspects of Entrepreneurship and its mind-set.

J. Riekstins is responsible for the development of the e-learning modules // courses.

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