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ArtSmart is a private research and study centre. We conduct research in the field of Circuar economy, Sustainable business models, Business model innovations, Green business mindset and sustainable entrepreneurial education for public, private and academic sectors.


We have a profound experience in the performance and impact evalutations of various public, private and social initiatives. 


We assist private, public, education and non-governmental organisations in innovation, development of stratgies and adoption of sustainable and circular principles in organisation.


ArtSmart is having international experience in providing sustainable development, management and innovation consultations and training to public and private organisations.

Fields of Previous Expertise

  • Aplied and scientific researches in the field of circular economy, sustainable development, green business  and business model innovations

  • Sectoral researches

  • Kidpreneurshipm womenpreneurship and other specific initiatives promoting business start-ups and entrepreneurial mindset

  • Financial and risk analyses

  • Evaluation and assessment of programmes and organisational performance (efficiency, sustainability, performance)

Scientific Publications

  • Uvarova, I., Atstaja, D., Volkova, T., Grasis, J., & Ozolina-Ozola, I. (2023). The typology of 60R circular economy principles and strategic orientation of their application in business. Journal of Cleaner Production, 409, 137189.s

  • Rutitis, D., Smoca, A., Uvarova, I., Brizga, J., Atstaja, D., & Mavlutova, I. (2022). Sustainable value chain of industrial biocomposite consumption: influence of COVID-19 and consumer behavior. Energies, 15(2), 466.

  • Cirule, I., & Uvarova, I. (2022). Open innovation and determinants of technology-driven sustainable value creation in incubated start-ups. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 8(3), 162.

  • Mikelsone, E., Uvarova, I., & Segers, J. P. (2022). Four-step approach to idea management sequencing: redefining or reinventing values in a business model. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 11(1), 49.

  • Cirule, I., Uvarova, I., & Caune, G. (2022). European Trends in Business Incubation Through Open Innovation Approach. European Integration Studies, (16), 111-124.

  • Uvarova, I., Mavlutova, I., & Atstaja, D. (2021). Development of the green entrepreneurial mindset through modern entrepreneurship education. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 628, No. 1, p. 012034). IOP Publishing.

  • Mikelsone, E., Atstaja, D., Koval, V., Uvarova, I., Mavlutova, I., & Kuzmina, J. (2021). Exploring sustainable urban transformation concepts for economic development. Studies of Applied Economics, 39(5).

  • Uvarova, I., Platonova, I., Rascevska, Z., Volkova, T., & Atstaja, D. (2021, June). The value co-creation in circular business models: Quadruplex Helix perspective. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on New Business Models: New Business Models in a Decade of Action: Sustainable, Evidence-Based, Impactful, Halmstad, Sweden (pp. 9-11).

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